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Why I'm Considering Working In A Coffee Shop

As I'd like to say, my career trajectory has always been pretty linear. While I didn't have the language back then, I was interested in why my classmates and friends were getting locked up or shot up. I was adamantly opposed to the massive closure of public schools, including my own, especially because they consisted largely of people that looked like me. I was appalled that less than 15 minutes of geographic separation meant a difference in a quality education. I walked in rooms and felt the weight of people before I even saw them. It's safe to say that I knew my place was in social work and criminal justice. Once I got to college and sat in a SW and CJ class, I confirmed what I knew all along. Since then, every class, internship, placement, fellowship, job, and even passion has all built upon one another. My experience in one thing informs my experience in another. At this moment in my life, I'm realizing that while there's nothing wrong with that, I don't have to box myself into it. Investing yourself in the lives of people every day becomes exhausting, especially in a world where my own life needs investment in this crazy society. Being "responsible" for a caseload of people, involving yourself in every aspect of their existence as it relates to what they need support in can be draining. Granted, with the right supports you can push through, but with the lack thereof I'm experiencing, I'm ready to take a little break. Don't get me wrong, social work and criminal justice are MY LIFE. There is nothing else I can imagine myself doing, but as the days go on, I realize that somewhere I believed that I had to follow this particular pathway, and the truth is, I don't. I can still be committed to social justice working in a coffee shop, just as I would be working in a office. I can be intentional about where and how I devote my energy, where and how I resist. And sitting at a desk, following 50 life details about 50 people doesn't work for me. I want to create art, create pieces about racial injustice, tell the stories of people that were reduced to bodies. I want to rally people together to fight with me. I want to engage those in power so that they hear the reclaimed narratives of personhood, see themselves, and change policy. And I don't have a road map for how to do those things. Only that I want to, and will. But not like this. Not by regulating myself to a certain path. I will be free, because. how else can I lead others there? 

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