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Dream Again.

Little children always ask the question "why". They always want to know why things are the way they are. They also believe in the most absurd things (according to our standards). They think that we can fly or we can become invisible. We often laugh at them, knowing better, and teach them that that's not really the way the world worksBut. At 22, I've realized that the innocence of a child's thoughts and dreams is what makes the world worth living in. As adults, we absorb all the realities of the world, all of the "can'ts". We take in all of "that's not the way the world works" and over time we lose our ability not just to dream, but believe in the possibilities of our dreams. Whatever we dream, we automatically come up with a million ways why it won't come to pass. Whatever we dream, we automatically pump all the "realities" we can into it, until it explodes and becomes no more. Whatever we dream, we make sure it's in "within our reach", possible once we come up with a strategy. But that's not the way the world works. We were made to dream and dream BIG. We were made to take the impossible things and say "God, let's do this". We were never designed to just scratch the surface. There is a reason why we are unsettled when we walk around with unfulfilled dreams. It's our internal reminder that there is MORE. That we were divinely designed to be amazing and to birth amazing things into the earth. Someone is waiting for your gift. Someone is waiting for your passion. That someone is YOU first, and then those in the world. Trust me, all the questions that you have and doubts that you have will melt away when you take the first step. I'm not saying everything will be smooth sailing but I am saying that the bumps will not take you down. I am saying that it'll be worth it. Your gifts will literally make room for you and put you before great men. You'll look around and wonder how in the world everything worked out.

Dream BIGGER. Aim HIGHER. You are thinking too small. If you have a dream to change the world, go do it. If you want to buy a building for your studio, but it costs $1 million dollars, walk into the bank and tell them your story (bring a business plan too lol). It won't always materialize right away, but take the first step. Write it down. Figure out how far you want to go and start from the beginning. DO NOT give up dreaming. As I type this, I literally want to run around my room and scream and laugh and cry because I believe again. I started dreaming again AND believing in the possibilities of my dreams. I'm a week away from a dream that I kept working on but lost the beauty in along the way. A little less than a year ago, I dreamed, realized how crazy it was and still went. As the months went on, I considered just calling it off because it proved challenging at times and with the way my "reality" was set up, I couldn't take any more disappointments. BUT I BELIEVE AGAIN. And if it takes thinking like a child to keep dreaming, I will because I never want to walk through this life without believing in my dreams again. Pick up whatever you've given up on or chalked up to failure. It can happen. And I promise, when it's all over, you'll never feel more alive. 


Until next time,