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Because, its my time.


Imagine a dead man walking.

You would recognize him by his burial clothes, skin blue from lack of oxygen, holes from where a smaller life form eats rotting flesh. You would smell the fragrance of body becoming one with the earth, peer into eyes that are windows to nowhere, follow footsteps with no urgency or destination. We would not be able to stop looking. He would stand out in the land of the living because we know the signs of things that no longer have life. Or do we? Would we be able to recognize the spiritual Lazarus’ among us? Those in need in resurrection? Revival? I would dare say no. We couldn’t recognize the walking dead because many of us are. Salvation isn’t the only time our hearts need awakening. Too many of us experience life minus abundance because we think abundance can only come in the life after this one. But to this I say, revival.

To the person who is wearing grave clothes because trials seem to make you feel like you are only fitted for tomb, to you I say revival. Jesus conquered death so that it wouldn’t be our final destination and changed His clothes once He passed through.

To the person who is asphyxiating from comparison to every status, post, and hashtag, to you I say revival. The only person Jesus ever asked us to be like is Himself.

To the person trying to find their peace in pieces of people, places, and things, to you I say revival. Only Jesus wholes every hole with His Holiness.

To the person trying to blend into the background even if your purpose needs a platform, to you I say revival. Even Jesus knew when to draw the crowds when His message was bigger than the ears of 12.

To the person whose eyes seem more opaque than see-through, to protect against everyone who uttered meaningless words when staring into them, to you I say revival. May Jesus’ words of Father, forgive them for they know not what they do find their home on your lips.

To the person whose feet seem like they’re more on quicksand than solid ground, to you I say revival. Can Jesus, the one by whom and for whom all things were made not order the footsteps, your footsteps under His control?

To you I say Revival. One of the things that Jesus specializes in. He will rise to the occasion if you let Him. And so will you. Come alive. Revive.