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Sticking To Your Guns

Hey y'all!! I know I haven't blogged in a while. :| please forgive me. School started and everything has just been a blur in trying to find a groove. That being said, in what I've experienced so far, I want to share a couple things I've learned. 1. Stick to who you are. Often times, when we are faced with with a new reality or new environment,  we clam up, and hold back who we really are. We want to please others, seem politically correct, not offend people etc. But at the end of the day, no matter what you're faced with, stick to your guns about what you believe in and who you are. Don't allow the environment or people to change the core of who you are. Yes, there are things you can learn and apply, but to become a totally different person based on external influences is not the best thing to do in my opinion, especially if you're not comfortable with making that decision. 

That leads to my second point:

2. Being uncomfortable doesn't always mean expanding your knowledge. There will be times where you learn something new or are exposed to something different and it makes you uncomfortable.  Not because the thing is inherently bad, but because it counters what you already know. However, this is not the rule of thumb. Don't assume everything that makes you uncomfortable you have to incorporate into your belief system. Some things will clash with your values, but if that value is important to you, and is responsible for part of who you are, I don't think you should automatically disregard it based on "new knowledge". We can grow and learn and become open to new ideas, but it doesn't mean it has to shift all of who we are.

It may seem like I'm talking a bunch of gibberish, but I think too often we allow others to condemn our foundations and core beliefs. We end up believing and accepting things we don't actually believe in and it makes us insincere and not genuine. Yes, being racist or sexist are not things you should purposely not change, but work through it, process it and then change. Being forced to change rarely ends well. Respect people. Love people. But don't allow people to change who you are based on what should be accepted or acknowledged.

May not make much sense now, but one day, I'll be able to articulate it better lol.

Until next time,