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Do You Ever Wonder?

Warning: May contain graphic material. 

"Please don't let me die". I'm weeping as I write this, as if I heard him say those words. I didn't; but my mind envisions what they would have sounded like out of his 16 year old mouth. I wonder if they knew-- if they all knew that moment. I wonder as they were shot, choked, beaten, if they knew they were not gonna wake up in a hospital bed imagining their luck. I wonder if they were at peace. I wonder if their killers wonder too. I know that was morbid, but isn't the state of our country the same?We live in a society where black and brown lives don't matter and we end their lives without second guessing. We marginalize entire communities and systemically oppress a whole population.Do we wonder why? How? When? When it will stop? I really wanted to write an intellectual and stimulating analysis about what is going on in our reality, but for some reason, I can only sit here and imagine them. Not intellectually, but humanly. Think about who misses them and what they are missing. It's a lot to think about and it results in a lot of tears, but I think it's a task that needs to be undertaken. How can we dismantle a system if we never take time to truly realize the humanity of the lives taken? It's not just "another one"-- it's a "one", "one" who meant/means more to someone than being the face of the movement. Let's remember that as we press forward with the fight: we fight for every single one of them.

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