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Because, its my time.

To Philadelphia.

To acknowledge the beginning of a thing, you must acknowledge the end of another. To acknowledge the end of a thing, you must acknowledge the beginning of another. Three days ago, I moved back home, both back to my home state of NY and the house I grew up in. It hasn't actually sunk in that the chapter of my life that was Philadelphia is now over but I feel it. To be honest, I'm pretty sad about leaving Philadelphia. I'm not sad about being home though--I'm quite excited to be back. But, I'm sad that I closed out that chapter. Although I was born and raised in NY, I "grew up" in Philadelphia. I moved there when I was 17 years old to attend college. I am now less than 6 months to 23. Really important, memorable, transformative experiences happened in Philadelphia. I became legal (18) and an "adult" (21). I learned how to live on my own, furnish a place, pay bills, cook, buy groceries, etc. "grown-up" things. I learned how to sacrifice my wants in order to get my needs done. I had trips to the emergency room and doctors without my parents. I started and maintained "adult" friendships. I started my first real "adult" relationship. I developed a deep (and deeper) relationship with God and propelled forward in ministry. I mean the list goes on and on. Throughout the last five years, I've traveled back and forth to NY, and even stayed for weeks/months at a time, but the majority of my time was in Philly. I missed SOOOO much while I was away. Births, deaths, marriages, celebrations, ceremonies, graduations, and all kinds of functions. When I think about that, I'm glad to be back so I can be a part again, but of course, to be present here will make me miss things there. So, no matter what, it'll be always be weird, like I totally had this life in a whole 'nother state and now, though not completely, it's over in the way that it's been for the last five years. I will miss it for the people, people that came in and absolutely changed my whole view on life and my purpose in it. I will miss it for the places where I made memories and experienced both and good times. I will miss it for the way that it made me feel (in the good ways lol), and how it taught me so much about who I am, and who I want to be. I will miss being familiar with it, navigating it as I grew up. It was not easy, and there were PLENTY times when I wanted to leave and never go back, but at the end of the day, I'm appreciative for everything and everyone that I encountered while I was there because it/they contributed to who I am now. Though I have things to work on, I love who I'm becoming. Everything didn't always feel good, but it will work out for my good, because He is. So. I'm excited for this next chapter of my life. It will be weird and different and I have plenty more growing to do, but I will miss (and already do miss) the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. I can't name names but you know who you are. For some, our paths may never cross again. For others, our paths will cross monthly lol. For other still, I pray our paths never cease to cross. I love you all. Thank you. 

From the end of one journey, to the beginning of another,