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Trust Him

Yesterday I received news that may potentially change the course of my life. My response? Understandably frightened, yet strangely peaceful. It's still a shock but the peace came from somewhere beyond me; it came from God. I intentionally gave it over to Him immediately and said "I'm not even gonna trip. You know this". I was scared, afraid of what I had heard, but I went out of my way to put me aside and start the process of trusting God. As I explained it to a friend of mine, she asked how I felt. I told her I wasn't sure, and that I might be hysterical tomorrow but at the moment, I was cool. On one hand, I was cool because it hadn't really hit me yet but at the same time I was cool because I realized that this had not taken God by surprise. He had known that it would come my way. My response of being distraught? Didn't quite fit. Yes I'm human, and as it sinks in,  it may very well make me cry and be sad, but instead of doing all that and then trusting God, I'll just do the latter first. Too often we respond in our human way, tire ourselves out, and then look to God for strength. Instead, what we should do is cast our cares on Him before they even start getting too heavy to carry. We can feel, we can process, but if we do it after we've turned it over to God, we can be victorious in the midst of our battle. Wouldn't it be a shame to lament over your situation only to turn around and see God already worked it out? Trust Him. Completely and firstly.  Until next time,