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Because, its my time.


One of the most fundamental, powerful and frightening questions for any human being is “Why?”. This seemingly simple three letter word holds weight unimaginable, and has the power to change the course of a person’s life in an instant. It is one of the first words we learn, as little kids ask their parents “why” for everything. “Why” is the sky blue? “Why” does she look like that? “Why” do I have to go to bed? As we get older and become adults, the word becomes attached to things with even deeper meaning like “why” doesn’t he love me? “Why” do I have to go through so much hardship? “Why” doesn’t God do something about this? “Why” is so powerful because of two main reasons.

The firstit signifies that everything happens for a reason. We recognize that things don’t happen by happenstance. There is a purpose, a significance, to everything that happens in our life even if we cannot see it immediately. There is a reason behind “why” things do and do not operate the way they do. That realization can sometimes be incomprehensible and/or frightening. There’s a reason “why” I can’t have juice. There’s a reason “why” I had to get my heart broken. There’s a reason “why” that person had to transition. There’s a reason “why” anything that happened had to happen. There’s a reason “why” anything that is happening has to happen. There’s a reason “why” things are aligned the way they are.

The second reason is in realizing that everything happens for a reason, we also realize we want to know that reason. Well, if what I’m going through is for a purpose, what is that purpose? Now, here’s where it gets really sticky. What happens when you don’t get an answer? Better yet, what happens when you don’t get the answer you expected/desired? It’s a tricky thing because we think the answer will give us closure when it fact, most times it doesn’t—most times it opens the door for hurt, and sometimes, even more “why’s”. “Why” did he walk away? Suppose he says he doesn’t know. Does that give you closure? Does it make him walking away better? What if he says because you aren’t the one for him? Is that a better response? Does it alleviate any of the heartbrokenness you feel? “Why” do I have to go through so many trials? What if you never get an answer? What if the answer is because you were made for it? Does it make the trials any more bearable?

The problem is asking “why” is never ending. There will always be another “why” because we desire to know everything. The crazy thing is we never will. Furthermore, if we did, we wouldn’t be satisfied. We would ask “why” did we have the ability to figure everything out? “Why” isn’t there more to know?”. Sometimes not knowing and just trusting it’s the way things must be is better than knowing. Sometimes we can save ourselves from pain by just taking situations at face value. It doesn’t mean the “why” doesn’t exist, it just means we’ve gotten to a mature place that says a “why” exists but I don’t need to know. Now, I know that’s difficult, and in the phase of life that I’m in now, I have plenty of “why’s”. Sometimes, they get answered and bring me no solace—sometimes they bring me even more pain. BUT. I am getting and will get to the place where the “why” doesn’t matter—just the fact that reason exists is enough.

So. Just like me, you may have plenty of “why’s” but trust that the One who knows everything IS the sufficient answer to every one of them.


Until Next Time,