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Why not Him?

We all live our lives by faith. When you wake up in the morning, you have faith in the manufacturer of your bed that it could withstand your weight during the night and not have you on the floor. You have faith in the person that built your house that the floor will not collapse as you step onto it. You have faith that the person who installed your sink and tub did it properly and that the water will come out, and as the temperature marked. You have faith that once you get dressed and leave the house, the light signals for the pedestrians and cars are working correctly. You have faith that as you are crossing the street, no driver will plow you down. You have faith whatever mode of transportation you take to your destination will function properly, that the car won't break down or the drivers on the transit won't be sleeping or under the influence. You have faith that when you get to your destination, the elevator isn't gonna drop down to the bottom. You have faith that when you sit at your desk, the chair won't give way. And so on... 

I could go on forever, but my point is, each and every single day, we wake up trusting in what we see. We continue to trust and have faith in these things, even when we hear countless stories of accidents involving pedestrians, buildings collapsing, crashes, elevator malfunctions, etc. Every thing that we have faith in has failed at some point, yet we continue to believe. 

Why not trust and have faith in who we can't see--in God? He has never failed. He has never had an accident or malfunctioned or went off course. He has always been and will forever continue to be consistent. He cannot go back on His word, which is essentially Himself. We look and search to find so many reasons not to trust Him when in actuality, He has proven Himself to be more faithful than the very ground we walk on (think of all the sinkholes and sidewalks falling in on themselves). If you're not trusting Him, it's not because He hasn't proved Himself to be trustworthy. 

So. Try it. Try Him. Allow Him to show you that just as you never think twice about trusting the things that can fail, you never have to think twice about Him coming through. 


Learning along the way,