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Worth The Sacrifice

"I'm not happy here". Those are the four words I want to say, have wanted to say for a long time, that sound logic tells me not to. But. Something in me tells me that I should. See, I've come to learn that potential isn't always worth the sacrifice. Too often, we wait around for potential to be actualized while day by day, we become frustrated that it hasn't. Whether that is in a relationship, or at a job, or with some other significant person, place or thing, we wait for the future to be better than it is now. News flash: now will be what you allow now to be. If you spend now waiting on the potential of the future, you may never be happy. Think about it. How many times do future events actually unfold the way we think they will, or even the way we want them to? How many times do we look back on moments and say "dang, look at what I missed while I was looking for what I couldn't see?" How many times do we realize that the now was what counted? I'm getting to the place where I understand that what you see now is most likely what you're gonna get. If the organization "could" be a lot better if they did this or that, but they are still following the same culture they did when you got there years ago, maybe it's time to let it go. If you're in a relationship and keep fighting over the same things month after month, and you stay because you believe they're gonna get it one day, maybe it's time to let it go. Now, let's get it straight. Potential is not synonymous with faith. I'm not saying to up and run away from things that are uncomfortable, nor am I saying that you can't be a change agent but if potential is the ONLY fuel keeping your vehicle running, you may want to do an evaluation of why you're still going. Realize that in every situation of waiting for potential to be actualized, you are sacrificing the reality of performance. Time isn't standing still. Opportunities aren't available forever. You have to give something up. Sometimes, that thing is you. Is it worth it?

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