Who is Felicia A. Henry and what is Vessel. Voice. Visionary

Lover of Christ. Poet. Social Worker. Visionary. 20-something trying to figure out the meaning of life. Through her experiences, Felicia has come to understand the beauty of brokenness. Using this knowledge, she is committed to live a life of vulnerability, while encouraging others to do the same.  

Although born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Felicia A. Henry has always had strong ties to her Caribbean roots. A Temple University alumna, Felicia received her Masters of Social Work degree from the School of Social Policy and Practice at the University of Pennsylvania. Felicia currently resides back in her hometown and is a Licensed Social Worker in the field of Criminal Justice. 

Vessel. Voice. Visionary.  is Felicia, and these seemingly modest words are pieces of an aggregate symbolizing Ministry, Poetry and Social Justice respectively. Although she pursues these three passions differently, they exist cohesively as the foundation of the woman that is Felicia A. Henry.